Poker Keyboard Pro

Poker Keyboard Pro (download) is a custom keyboard for Apple iPhone iOS. Poker Keyboard Pro can be used to quickly write poker hand details for text messages, social media posts, or for recording poker notes. For the low, low, cost of just one Big Blind you can have a custom poker keyboard for your iPhone. Download Poker Keyboard Pro now in the Apple App Store.

Typing with Poker Keyboard Pro

  • “UTG raises to 1K” can be written by tapping  “UTG”, “raise”, “1” and “K”.
  • “BB all-in for 500” can be written by tapping “BB”, “all-in”, and “5”, “0”, and “0”.
  • “Flop is A K T” can be written by tapping “Flop”, “A”, ““, “K”, ““, “T”, and ““.
  • “OTB shows AA” can be written by tapping “OTB”, “show”, “A”, and “A”.


Poker Keyboard Pro is perfect for sending my friends my bad beat stories. We know everyone loves bad beat stories! – Wes Cutshall

I use Poker Keyboard to record hands to discuss later with my poker friends. It’s definitely faster than using the default keyboard for typing out a hand. – Kurt Duggan

Poker Keyboard Pro for iOS Poker Keyboard Pro for a text message

Download Poker Keyboard Pro now for your iPhone in the Apple App Store!